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Conservation services

At Everingham Conservation Ltd, our services are carried out to the highest of museum standards using high quality materials and the most up-to-date techniques, so contact us today. We're based in Harrogate but can provide our conservation services nationwide.

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Like any other asset, artwork needs to be regularly maintained and looked after. From time to time, they’ll require the utmost attention to ensure that they’re continually looking their best.  Conservation is a widely recognised profession that is dedicated to the preservation of our cultural heritage for the future. It involves a number of activities some of which include examination, documentation, treatment, and preventative care. From canvas stretching to artwork framing, we provide a wide range of conservation services that will help preserve the physical integrity of your artwork and improve its appearance. We take great pride in our workmanship and we take great care in handling your artwork. We’ve been established in this industry for many years simply because we carry out every request to the smallest detail. In addition to restoring your artwork to its original glory, one of our biggest priorities as a business is providing you with spectacular customer service, whereby we take the time to listen to your needs. We’re passionate about the conservation of your artwork, as we understand their value and importance to you.

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At David Everingham Conservation, we’re always eager to go above and beyond for our customers as we’re determined to provide a high quality service that is tailored to your needs and requirements. From surface cleaning to technical examinations, we provide a full range of professional restoration services that clients can use to improve their beloved artwork. Additionally, our team is always more than happy to provide you with guidance and support on which services will best improve the condition of your artwork. 

By getting in touch with our team at David Everingham Conservation, we’ll be able to work on most forms of artwork to ensure that they’re restored to their original glory.

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Easel Paintings

• Treatment of paintings across all media

• Surface cleaning

• Removal of discoloured varnish

• Filling & retouching of paint loss

• Consolidation of flaking paint

• Local and overall treatment of out-of-plane distortion

• Tear and puncture repair

• Structural treatment of canvas supports

• Restoration of frames

• Technical & scientific examination

• Collection Surveys

• Collection Management

• Preventive conservation

• Full written & photographic documentation
and more….

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Church Heritage Conservation

• Restoration of decorative schemes & paintings in the church environment
• Cleaning & restoration
• Gilding & cleaning of gilded surfaces
• Treatment of paintings and decorative schemes across all media
• Technical & scientific examination
• Surface cleaning
• Removal of discoloured varnish
• Filling and retouching of paint loss
• Consolidation of flaking paint

For our conservation services, contact us today at for more details.

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