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Artwork conservationists in Harrogate

In Harrogate and surrounding areas, David has had extensive experience in completing large-scale conservation projects in historic buildings and churches. For services such artwork framing and more, call us today on 07887 936022 for more details.

Church Heritage Conservation

Churches, Listed and historic buildings contain some of the finest paintings and devotional artworks in the country. Paintings, decorative schemes, reredos, decorative rood screens, polychrome sculpture, gilded artworks all suffer from the ravages of time. Everingham Conservation has built a reputation for sympathetically restoring such priceless artworks and enhancing both religious and secular building environments.

Easel Paintings

Paintings are valuable objects irrespective of their monetary worth. They can be objects of great beauty, important historical records, or simply cherished family possessions or heirlooms.
Paintings can deteriorate or sustain damage in several ways: dust and grime can obscure the image; discoloured varnish can affect subtle tonal changes; exposure to fluctuating temperature and humidity can lead to cracking and flaking paint; physical damage such as tears, punctures and scratches can occur during transport and handling.
Restoration by a trained and experienced conservator may enhance the aesthetic and financial value of a painting for current and future generations. Preventive conservation strategies, such as environmental control, or more practical measures, such as the attachment of backboards to paintings, can reduce the deterioration of paintings and objet d’art.

We’re proud to provide a wide range of services such as antique restoration and artwork framing, so call us today on 0788 7936022.

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